Add Color to Your Thinking of You Week Mailings with Fun Stamps

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Inspiration

As we approach Thinking of You Week 2022 I have stocked up on an assortment of postage stamps and I’m already envisaging how beautiful they are going to look on different colored envelopes. My favorites are the brightly colored Mariachi musicians, with the National Marine Sanctuaries coming in a close second.

Thinking of You Week 2022 takes place September 19th – 25th , and it marks the 5th year the USA has participated in this worldwide celebration of the joy of sending and receiving mail or cards, simply to say “I’m thinking of you”. The U.S.P.S. has supported the movement from year one, with an elegantly designed postmark that says “Thinking of You. Mail a smile”. This postmark cancels all first-class mail for the whole month of September and reaches half a billion households! Keep an eye out for it in your mailbox!

Start planning ahead now. Gather your supplies – paper or cards and envelopes, a pen, stamps, and most importantly, your list of people who you know would appreciate a little boost to their day.

And remember to post your stamped envelopes on social media using the hashtags #thinkingofyou #sendacarddeliverasmile – just hide the mailing address so your recipient does not get any not-so-nice surprises!