Teens discover the joys of sending and receiving cards while social distancing!

by | Apr 22, 2020 | News

Submitted by Sales Rep and Mom, Holli Grebe.

As a married mother of 3 children, who now homeschools them all while still trying to stay connected in my own business as a sales rep, it can be very challenging to stay positive and to keep pushing forward. However, I enjoyed a memorable moment recently as I walked into my teen daughter’s room. My 15 year old daughter Annie, and my 17 year old daughter Emma were sitting on the bedroom floor with greeting cards and notecards strewn everywhere. They had discovered a box of greeting cards in their closet and wanted to write cards to their grandparents who they weren’t getting to see much; if they did it was from 6 feet away! They created a little care package of about 15 cards where their grandparents were instructed to open a new card each day with the hopes of brightening their days ahead. This idea then led into writing their friends and family near and far. They got so excited about who they would write, what neat stamps to use on the envelopes, how to get the mailing addresses and when the mail would arrive next. For me it was like watching an almost lost art from my days as a teen circle back around showing my girls, the younger generation a new (yet old) way of reaching out, a way of connecting, and a way of making someone’s day a little brighter. It was a way to bridge the distance between all of us in a very personal way. One Sunday Annie realized “oh yea the mail comes tomorrow, I can’t wait to see if I have a card in the mail from one of my friends”…………….and she did!