Spread Cards (not Corona)

by | Apr 9, 2020 | News

A little over three weeks ago, Kate Smith Company offered six of her greeting cards for free (takers paid $3.00 postage) if they made a “solemn” pinky promise that they would send them out into the world and help in the company’s mission to “make humans smile”.

Smiles are so needed right now and Kate has some practice at generating them.

“Giving cards to people so that they can connect with loved ones, lift each other up and support one another is my way of giving what I can to the world during this weird time. I’m not a doctor, a nurse or a first-responder, but I can still put good into the world. And giving what I can, makes me happy.” Yes Kate, we completely agree with you and clearly you helped make many humans happy.

Kate reports she filled over 150 orders of six cards each so more than 900 people got some mail love!

She adds, “My hope is that people see our act of kindness and are inspired to ask themselves, ‘How can I contribute right now?’ Every single person has something positive they can add to the world. If we all do a little something, maybe, just maybe, the world will be a little kinder and happier when this is all over.”

Meanwhile the card supply is dwindling in Kate’s shop so this promotion will be ending soon.

Thank you Kate Smith and Company for your big heart. You are one of the many reasons the greeting card industry shines so brightly.