Tap your Christmas Card list—now!

by | Apr 13, 2020 | News

One thing that really helps with social isolation is to receive a card.  Another one, AND the best way to increase the chances of receiving a card, is to send a card!

While working at home during our State’s Stay at Home order, I have challenged myself to write and mail at least one card a day. I started sending them to family, looking up their address each day.  Then I remembered that I have the addresses for all my family and friends in one place: my Christmas card list!  Now I just open that list each day, pick a name, write them a card, and the address is right there to use.

I have already heard back from several family members thrilled to get a card during this difficult time.  So join me in tapping into your Christmas Card list now, and send each person on that list a card in the coming weeks, letting them know you are thinking about them.  They will appreciate it—and it will make you feel better as well.


Submitted by George White, GCA President